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  ( )1. In the old days, children from poor families had no _____ to go to school.A. chance B. way C. use D. need( )2. There was so much _____ in the room that the man couldn’t hear what the girl was saying.A. sound B. voice C. smell D. noise( )3. Mr Brown is going to visit his first teacher _____ next month.A. sometime B. sometimesC. anytime D. some times( )4. The king became angry because Ma Liang _____ to draw anything for him.A. agreed B. neededC. wanted D. refused( )5. You’d better _____ her number in the phone book.A. look into B. look forC. look up D. look at( )6. Our guest _____ arrive tomorrow morning.A. able to B. will be able toC. was able to D. be able to( )7. This sweater feels _____. I think it is very comfortable to wear.A. soft B. softlyC. hard D. hardly( )8. Could you _____ me some money? I will give it back tomorrow.A. give B. buyC. lend D. borrow( )9. — Who can help me carry the heavy box?— I think Ted is _____ to do it.A. too strong B. so strongC. enough strong D. strong enough( )10. — Is your father in?— No, he _____ for three hours.A. was out B. has been outC. went out D. has gone out( )11. To win the competition, Linda practises _____ table tennis every day.A. to play B. playingC. played D. plays( )12. — Why is your bedroom so untidy?— Sorry, Mum, I _____ it.A. forget to clean B. forgot to cleanC. forget cleaning D. forgot cleaning( )13. — I wonder(想知道) if your wife will go to the party.— Oh, if your wife _____, _____, too.A. will; she will B. will; mine willC. does; mine will D. does; I will( )14. — When will we meet?— Sorry?— I asked _____ meet.A. when would we B. when we wouldC. where will we D. where we will( )15. — I hear that John often copies Tony’s home-work.— _____!A. That’s a shame B. What a pityC. What a good boy D. CongratulationsII. 完形填空(10分)通读下面的短文,掌握其大意,然后从各小题所给的四个选项中,选出一个答案。In a forest, there lived an owl (猫头鹰). All the animals knew that he was the 16 among all of them. So they often went to him and told him their17 . Then the owl always taught them what they should do.One day, a little bird went up to the owl. She was18 . “What’s wrong with you?” asked the owl. “I’m very 19 . I don’t want to be a bird,” the bird said. “ 20 don’t you want to be a bird?” asked the owl. “I am so small and weak and useless(没用的),” she cried. “I want to be big and 21 like the lion. He is very important, but I am not.”Then the owl whispered(悄声说) 22 to the bird. At once the bird went away. One week 23 , the bird came back. “Oh, thank you very much. You are a very wise owl,” she said to the owl. “I am very happy now. Every day, I 24 on top of the tallest tree and watch out for (监视) lions and tigers. When they come near, I shout loudly. Then my friends all run and hide. They are very 25 to me. I am useful and important now.” The wise owl smiled and said, “No one in this world is useless.”( )16. A. laziest B. wisest C. weakest D. bravest( )17. A. stories B. lives C. problems D. families( )18. A. flying B. laughing C. running D. crying( )19. A. unhappy B. lucky C. wrong D. poor( )20. A. How B. Why C. What D. Where( )21. A. fat B. rich C. strong D. tall( )22. A. something B. anything C. everything D. nothing( )23. A. ago B. earlier C. later D. before( )24. A. sit B. climb C. jump D. fly( )25. A. helpful B. friendly C. thankful D. angryⅢ.. 阅读理解(30分)阅读下列材料,完成每篇材料后的问题。AAccident Report FormAccident A car crashed into a tree. Some people were trapped in the carWeather conditions There was a heavy rain.Date of call June 3, 2006Time of call 9: 30 p.m.Name of caller Mrs. GreenPlace Zhongshan road ,NanjingConditions of victims Mr. Green burt his head.Mrs. Green burt her left leg.Their daughter felt frightened.Action Policemen arrived at 9: 40 p.m. and sent the victims to Gulou Hospital at 9: 45 p.m...( )26. What time did Mrs. Green call the police?A. At 9:30 a.m. B. At 9:30 p.m.C. At 9:40 p.m. D. At 9:45 p.m.( )27. How many people were trapped in the car?A. One. B. Two. C. Three. D. Four.( )28. Whose left leg was hurt?A. Mrs. Green’s.B. The Greens’ daughter’s.C. Mr. Green’s.D. Their friend’s.( )29. What was the weather like that day?A. It was sunny. B. It was snowy.C. It was cloudy. D. It was rainy.( )30. Which of the following is TRUE?A. The car crashed into a wall.B. The Greens’ daughter hurt her left leg and was sent to the hospital.C. The car accident happened on Zhongshan Road in Nanjing.D. The policemen arrived half an hour later and sent the victims to the hospital.BMr. Read works in a hospital. He’s a good doctor, but he often forgets things. People know him and don’t mind it.One morning he did an operation on an old woman. It took him three hours to finish it. He looked at his watch and found it was twelve thirty. He felt hungry and wanted to have lunch.When he got to the lift, he remembered he didn’t wash his hands. He went back to his office and put his coat on the chair. Then he washed his hands and left. However, in the restaurant, he found he forgot to wear his coat. All his money was in one of the pockets. He got up and went back to the hospital. He ran to the lift but it was going to close. He put his head into it, and the door opened. A man in the lift said, “Oh, dear, sir! Why didn’t you hold the door open with your hands? It’s too dangerous to do so with your head!”“I think my hands are more important than my head. I have to do operations not with my head, but with my hands!”( )31. People know Mr. Read _____, but they don’t mind it.A. is a doctorB. often forgets thingsC. works in the hospitalD. often does operations( )32. The operation began at _____ that morning.A. eight thirty B. nineC. nine thirty D. ten( )33. Mr. Read returned to his office because _____.A. he forgot to wash his handsB. it was cold and he had to wear his coatC. he was too tired to go to the restaurantD. he had to borrow some money( )34. Mr. Read left the restaurant because _____.A. he ate a lot thereB. he couldn’t find his friendC. he had no money with himD. it was closed( )35. Mr. Read put his head into the lift because _____.A. he wanted to know who was in itB. he wanted to get out of itC. his head was much harder than his handsD. he was afraid it could hurt his handsC阅读下面的短文,把A-D四个句子填入文中空缺处(56-59),使短文内容完整正确,然后完成第60小题。Last week a zoo showed a new baby Sumatran(苏门答腊的) tiger for the first time. 36 He was born at the zoo. Only about one hundred and seventy tigers of this kind live in zoos. 37 It means “brave” in English.Sumatran tigers come from the island of Sumatra in northern Indonesia(印度尼西亚). 38 The number of this kind of tigers is getting smaller and smaller. Fewer than five hundred wild Sumatran tigers are alive now.Two weeks after the tiger was born, scientists in the zoo examined(检查) him for the first time.39 But now he is more than ten kilograms and he is getting stronger and stronger. Scientists will try their best to protect other Sumatran tigers.A. He was only less than three kilograms at that time.B. They called the baby tiger “Berani”.C. Thousands of people were waiting in long lines to see it.D. Like other tigers in the world, they are going extinct(绝种的).( )40. The best title of the passage is “______”.A. The Rare(稀有的) Animal B. The Number of TigersC. A Baby Sumatran Tiger Was Born D. Sumatran IslandⅣ. 翻译(10分)根据汉语意思完成下面的句子。每空词数不限。41. 你应该向珍妮道歉。毕竟,她是你姐姐。You should say sorry to Jane. _______________, she is your elder sister.42. 多么诚实的男孩啊!____________________________________ boy!43. 这只狗很友好,你不必害怕它。The dog is very friendly. You needn’t ____________________________ it.44. 如果你将真相告诉老师,他就不会生你的气了。If you tell him the truth, your teacher ______________________________ you.45. 我爸爸经常警告我不要玩电脑游戏。________________________________________.Ⅴ. 短文综合填空(10分)阅读下面的短文,根据上下文和首字母提示补全所缺信息。Everyone needs friends. But do you know how to find real 46.f__________ and keep it? An American writer called Sally tells young students some good ways to 47.f__________ friends.Sally says finding friendship is just like planting a tree. You plant the seed and look 48.a__________ it to make it grow.She says you should 49.f__________ choose some-one who can be a good friend. It doesn’t 50.m_________ whether he or she has money or good looks. A good friend should be kind and helpful. If you want to make a friend, you should make 51.e__________ other happy. But things cannot always be happy. Even the best friends 52.m__________ have quarrels(争吵). What should you do when you quarrel with your friend? You may try to have an 53.h__________ talk with him or her when there is no one else around. If he or she doesn’t want to talk, you can write a letter to tell him or her54.h_________ you are feeling.Sally also tells us some small but important things, for example, celebrating your friend’s success. 55.R__________ that friendship is one of the most important things in your life. Life is great if you have friends!Ⅵ. 读写综合(25分)A) 阅读下面的短文,按信息表的内容要求完成表格。(10分)There is a saying that all work and no play makes one dull. Work is important, but everyone needs free time. Free time is a time for anything that interests you. Some people like to play sports, such as basketball, football or tennis. Others like to go to interesting places, such as zoos, museums or parks. Many people have hobbies. They make things or collect things in their free time.If you want to make things, you can make model ships or planes, sweaters or clothes, cake or milk shake. If you like to collect things, you can collect stamps, books, leaves or coins. It doesn’t matter what you make or collect. Of course, you can also choose to do things like listening to music, seeing movies.Hobbies can make you feel relaxed. Some work and some play will make your life interesting, too.Topic56.Sports people like to do57.

  Interesting places people like to go to 58.

  Three things you can make59.What can make your life interesting?60.

  B)书面表达(15分)假如你是凯特,非常喜欢音乐,大部分空闲时间都花在音乐上面。请你以I like music为题,写一篇70词左右的短文。要求至少写出你喜欢音乐的三个原因。I like music very much. I spend most of my free time on music. _________________________________________________________________参考答案I. 1-5 ADADC 6-10 BACDB 11-15 BBCBA.Ⅱ.16-20 BCDAB 21-25 CACACⅢ. 26-30 BCADC 31-35 BCACD 36-40 CBDACⅣ. 41. After all 42. What an honest 43. be afraid of44. won’t be angry with45. My father often warns me not to play computer gamesⅤ. 46. friendship 47. find 48. after 49. first 50. matter51. each 52. may/might 53. honest 54. how 55. RememberⅥ. A) 56. Free time and hobbies57. Basketball, football, tennis ...58. Zoos, museums, parks ...59. Model ships, sweaters, clothes ...60. Some work and some playB) One possible version:I like music very much. I spend most of my free time on music. When I am free, I always listen to my MP4 player or play the piano. I began to play the piano when I was 5 years old. I like music because it can make me feel relaxed and happy. And I have also made a lot of friends because of music. My friends and I often talk about different kinds of music together. What’s more, I can learn a lot when I enjoy music. For example, I can know a country’s tradition by listening to music.

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