National Day 国庆节

作者:Gu01Bo 来源:文章屋 2021-07-12 高二作文

  the year is the annual national day on october 1, the birthday of our great motherland. along with ups and downs, it's been 100 years of our mothers, this day, this nation will celebrate the festival at the venue.
    early in the morning, we go to school, at school, some students out of bulletin boards and painting; some do greeting cards, open class meetings with a special theme; others through diaries, poems and other forms expressed her love for the motherland. national day holiday, the students have to stay at home with mom and dad together, the cruise sites, the great cultural experience. shop at the door with balloons and colorful flags, red, yellow and green  : permeated with an atmosphere of jubilation. everybody inside, in the original discount, launched a series of promotional activities. street sea, but also rank long car buying service, the fight must wait long periods. scenic visitors like long, countless men, women and children in which to do that people have been taking advantage of the festive play out. almost no empty parking places, restaurants, hotels, the revenue will be substantial.
    distant uncle, made a phone call to tell us that the beijing national hot topic. i would like to go to beijing to see tiananmen square, we see the face of great capital, and uncle, i have arranged to get together with the beijing next summer.

    national day is a happy holiday, really raising people's living standards rapidly. in her mother's embrace of the motherland, happiness to grow and wish the motherland mother always beautiful, always prosperous and wish the motherland has become more prosperous and developed.



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